5 Skin-Friendly Homemade Makeup Concoctions

Try out these amazing DIY makeup concoctions, you really won't be disappointed. (Representative Image: Shutterstock)

Whether you believe in using natural and environment-friendly products or love a good DIY for your makeup, the internet will shower you with endless results. You can whip up anything from lip balm to brow filler at home.  You may love makeup, or wear it occasionally, but if you want to shift to using non-toxic makeup that does not use harsh chemicals, then DIY might be a fruitful option. Natural makeup is good for the skin and is ideal for sensitive skin. Dark Fine Grained Volcanic Rock

5 Skin-Friendly Homemade Makeup Concoctions

So, here’s a list of makeup products that you can totally DIY at home-

Beet is known for its bright pigment which is ideal for blush or lipstick. To achieve a rich pink colour mix arrowroot powder with beetroot powder. You can add turmeric powder or cocoa powder to play with the colours and shades. Use a make-up brush and apply it to your cheeks. If you wish to use this as lipstick, add some beeswax and coconut oil or shea butter.

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For a transparent mascara, all you need is coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and grated beeswax and heat it. Once finished, transfer the concoction to a clean and sterile mascara tube. Depending upon the climatic conditions of your region the quantity of beeswax can vary. If you want your mascara in a black shade, use activated charcoal powder that is made by burning coconut husk or wood pulp. This formula will result in a deep black shade of the product. If you want it in brown colour, add some cacao powder instead of charcoal. You can also use this for eyeliner.

Use arrowroot powder and shea butter for the base. For pigment, you can add cocoa powder, nutmeg powder, beetroot powder, or turmeric powder as well. Shea butter will add some moisture to the product and won’t feel dry on your skin.

You can make your own highlighter by using mica powder (ethically sourced), along with beeswax, coconut oil, and drops of jojoba oil. Pour the luminizer when it’s still in a liquid form and let it rest for at least 20-30 minutes before using.

You will need coconut oil, jojoba oil, grated cocoa butter, grated beeswax, Vitamin E and essential oils like orange, grapefruit, vanilla, lavender and peppermint. To add some tint, add hibiscus or beetroot powder.

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5 Skin-Friendly Homemade Makeup Concoctions

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